Torn and Frayed 8.10 + Reichenbach 10.02

Hannah enjoys looking to the heavens because that’s her home

Castiel prefers looking at the earth because that’s where he feels most at home

While Hannah was gazing at heaven they cut to Cas struggling to keep his eyes on the road. He’s spent years trying to be part of both heaven and earth and it’s killing him. Crowley told Dean to pick a side, demon or human. I think it’s time for Castiel to make a similar choice

You. Mother. Fucker.

not sure why this makes me a mother fucker. I believe Reichenbach had a lot of foreshadowing to Cas becoming human again and I think that’d be a great thing

I think it would be great if they write a way for him to become human instead of a dying angel. He seems to prefer it even though he had a really hard time the first time.

I think he would learn to enjoy being human. Just imagine Dean and Sam teaching him things throughout the years

I agree. I’ve heard fans (and even Misha) complain that they didn’t spend enough time on human!Cas in season 9. But season 9 was a transitional season setting us up for season 10, if they had planned all along that human!Cas was end game then it makes perfect sense that they didn’t spend too much time on him in season 9. They would need things to explore in season 10

The Supernatural writers always say that the problem with Castiel is he’s too powerful. Sometimes they’ll plan to put him in an episode and then realize he could use his angel mojo to fix the problem quickly, so they have to do the episode with just Sam and Dean to keep the story compelling. If Castiel was human we might get him in more episodes



jack frost + self-hatred

This only strengthens my headcanon, that behind those beautiful, glimmering eyes, and big, sweet smile… during those 300 years of loneliness, Jack did suffer severe depression and anxiety. And he used snow days and fun times with children, to live on, and to have a reason to exist. That behind his confident facade, Jack had many insecurities, and one of them was hating himself, and blaming himself for things that happened.

Now I do believe Jack recovered, since the end of the movie when he joined the Guardians… the question is… how long did Jack’s happiness last, after the end of the movie? Does he hang out with Jamie, or the Guardians every day, to prevent loneliness?

I guess that’s up for imagination to decide.~


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ok but imagine Dean becoming obsessed with Constantine in the same way he is with Dr. Sexy and one day Cas shows up while Dean's watching it, and Sam just looks back and forth between Cas and the tv for a few seconds before choking out an "oh my god" and collapsing into hysterics while Dean glares at him, embarrassed and face going red but he's not completely sure why

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